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How to shop on ANYVAS

Step 1: Choose the product(s) you want to buy. If you are on the category page, click on the "Details" Button for viewing detailed description or, you can directly add the product to the cart by clicking on the Add To Cart button.


Step 2: If you are on the details page, read the details of the product. Select your desired size (if applicable) and input quantity and then press Add To Cart button.


Step 3: Once you click Add to Cart, a pop-up drop-down list for selecting your preferred shipping location will appear.

a)     Select your preferred shipping location & press the "CONTINUE" button.

b)     If you are already logged into your account, the location selector drop-down will not appear.


Step 4: Upon selecting location/ clicking on Add to Cart button, a mini-cart will appear.

a)     If you want to buy more items, add more items to your card.

b)     If you have a coupon code, click on the Apply Coupon button at the bottom of the mini-cart, a coupon code field will appear. Apply your coupon here.

c)     If you want to proceed to checkout with the items in your cart, press the “Continue” button.


Step-5: Once you click on Continue in mini cart, you will land to a 4-step checkout page.

a)     You can go back to the cart by Clicking “Shop More” button on Mini Cart if you decide to add more items to the cart.

b)     If you are a registered customer, enter your Email/Phone and Password and login to your account.

c)     If you have forgotten your password, you can recover by clicking Forgot password.

d)     If you are not a registered customer, enter your Email address or phone no and complete your registration by inputting required contact and shipping information for the order.

e)     After Login/Completing registration, the checkout will move you to the “Shipping Address" step.

Step 6: Please select a shipping address from your available Shipping Address list. You can also edit an existing address or Add a New Address.

Step 7: Select the Shipping Method. Shipping Charge breakdowns are shown as per possible shipments. Click on Continue, the checkout will move you to the Payment Method step.


Step 8: Select your preferred Payment Method from the available payment methods - COD/Visa/Master/Amex or bKash.

Step 9: Click “Confirm Order” button, you will get a thank you message. If you have chosen online payment, you will be redirected to payment gateway where you need to provide the required card for completing the payment.

a)     You will get an SMS & Email confirming your order placed successfully.

b)     Our customer support team will contact you for processing the order.



a) You can buy products in Equal Monthly Instalment (EMI). EMI Offer is available on products priced above or equal to Tk. 5,000.

b) Select EMI and click "Add To Cart" Button, but remember that EMI and NON-EMI products cannot be bought together. If you want to buy both EMI & Non-EMI products, you have to place separate orders.

c) If you want to place orders for Pre-order products, you can only buy pre-ordered products. You cannot buy regular products with Pre-order products. If you want to buy both pre-order & regular products, you have to place separate orders.